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Monday, August 21, 2006

It's all about my name!

Today's Monday Bloggers prompt on UKScrappers was to find out all about my name, do i like it suit it etc so here goes.

Mandy is a derivative of Amanda but mum and dad didn't want me to have a name which would be shortened and they both liked Mandy, however dad was supposed to register me as Mandie but he didn't know the spelling and hence I was named Mandy.

Mandy means Worthy of Love and you know what I think I probably am! LOL, isn't everyone!

I've always kind of liked my name, I always wanted a middle name and it's funny that all my children have middle names, I always figured that if I gave them two names and they didn't like the first they could always use the middle one instead!

I'm quite glad of these blogging prompts this week as I'm stuck at home with the children all week and if it rains I doubt we'll make it past the front door!

I have so much work to do on a retirement album for a large company, this wouldn't be a problem if my printer hadn't just ran out of ink at the exact moment I need to print 40 photographs and 12 international flags. On route are now a new set of inks which will hopefully arrive tommorrow or Wednesday at the latest and also a new Epson Picturemate Printer, yes it only prints at 6x4 but a lot of the times thats all you need. Pray with me that it arrives in the next couple of days or I'll be off to PCWorld for a very expensive set of replacement inks!

Paul is on his training course and the children must have known because Looby decided that i had to get up at 7am this morning instead of 8am, I think it's a plot to over throw the kingdom, will they win, ask me later in the week!!


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