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Friday, August 11, 2006

Catching up!

Can you believe that I didn't blog at all yesterday, quite unlike me I know but the thing is that it's been such a quiet week at Chez Charlton, we haven't really got any news of any sort which is thrilling enough to blog about so here in bullet points are the main bits and pieces.

Abigail was grounded but has been good all morning and has been let out to see her friend, I know that grounding a 4 year old isn't so good but we're really experiencing some challenging behaviour from her at the moment.

Iain is now out after his grounding was ended early after a day of entirely great behaviour, reward the good I say!!

I'm getting a new desk and chair tonight, i got it off the freecycle site and I'm so excited as it's going to be my own little crafting area in our sitting room, finally somewhere to call my own!!

Our Settees are falling to pieces but we can't get new ones at any of the charity shops, I swear if they fall to bits any more they're going to disintegrate!  I can't pop that on freecycle though as you would never be able to collect them in our teeny tiny car!

Paul is off to enrol on a fork lift truck driving course on Monday as part of the road back to working. 

Paul hasn't had a cigarette for 4 weeks now, it's 3 months exactly since I gave up, I think pats on the back all round!

Paul is beginning to be much more bearable to live with again now that he's back playing football, on the road to training and giving up smoking is getting better.  Blimey we may even manage a week without an arguement soon.  I'll let you know if that ever happens! LOL

Still no money or news from the Child Support Agency, it's 2 months of missed payments this time so far, if it's like the last time, we only have another 5 years and 4 months to go!!

Happy friday everyone and have a great weekend!!

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