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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

just a couple of photos to share...

Well 3 to be exact, the top 2 are of a church near Morpeth in Northumberland, the long path down to the church door is covered by trees which meet in the middle and the light effect is just wonderful, it's all terribly atmospheric and I had to capture it.

The bottom photograph is Rheged, Village in the hill near Penrith in Cumbria, we went there this morning but to be honest we're having issues with Abigail at the moment and she managed to make the whole experience very tiring, she has a mild strain of ADD and is banned from all colourings, flavours etc, anything which isn't natural is not allowed and she needs constant stimulation and can be quite hard work, she's also very demanding and constantly asks for things, given that it's now the middle of week 3 of the summer holidays, I'm getting tired and running out of patience! We're trying to explain consequences of different behaviours but not having so much luck, now the other thing is that of course Iain has Aspergers so the two of them in the car for any length of time usually produces.... I think you can guess that bit, Looby usually just tries to sit and not get involved in it all. Thank goodness for Looby who is a happy little sunshine or I would have ran away from home by now!! LOL

So anyway we're home now and I'm catching up, Abigail has gone to play with another little girl, Hurray, Iain is out with his friend, Hurray, and Looby is happily just being Looby!!
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