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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Blogger beta

So I love new things, you should all know that by now and currently I'm running windows live mail beta, windows messenger beta, flock beta and now blinking blogger beta, if you are thinking of doing the last one, I would hold on just a moment as I have been quite happily up until today loading my images through either flock or picasa and since I went over I can no longer do that, GRRRRRR!

So I'm not going to get all techie on you as how boring would that be, I just thought I would mention that incase you're thinking of trying the new blogger, I have emailed them so we'll see if they fix it.

On to other news and back at La Maison Charlton, the children have been mostly a nightmare this morning, it didn't help that I took all three of them to the local shops. I also had a migraine which didn't help and the only way I could get rid of that was to pick up my prescription on said shopping trip.

Afternoon now and I have to say that things have calmed down a little. I bought a surprise for Paul, so I can't wait for him to get home from his course so I can give it to him!

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JaneH said...

Wow...beautiful blog, Mandy. Love those dramatic pictures! Thanks for blogging with us at UKScrappers. JaneH

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