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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I think Mandy Charlton Designs is actually ready to roll!! this of course is my new baby and hopefully the thing which will help me furnish the little things in life, you know like a new 3 piece suite, Christmas presents for the children and all those other extras which actually are quite essential to life and if you saw my settee you would realise this!!

I finally finished the commissioned retirement album so now I'm free to scrap for myself for a little while, although to be honest hopefully it won't be too longe before I'm scrapping for other people again, I really enjoy it and I know now that I can't see myself ever having a job which isn't about scrapping, Look at Happy Scrapper my other job which I totally adore, i get the scoop on all the latest products and I'm also lucky enough to be able to shop for some of them.

Oh and the photo, well I thought it was a woohoo type of photo, it's my daughter runnig along the beach at Saltburn on Sunday afternoon!

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