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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Nothings going on...

No really it isn't!  To be honest I have so much going on I really didn't get around to blogging and I haven't a lot to tell at this moment in time, however watch this space because something exciting may be happening soon!!

We're off to the Lake District for a day trip tommorrow, we're going to the Sellafield Nuclear Power plant in the morning and Rheged (the village in the hill) in the afternoon, now I know the Nuclear power plant doesn't exactly sound thrilling but its supposed ot be great for kids and they have a dinosaur exhibit on, plus both of those locations are free entry!!

Hopefully I should be back tommorrow night with a camera full of photos and a few great memories!

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Anonymous said...

My brother lives in the lakes. I should have given you his address so you could drop in for cakes!

Olwen xx

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