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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Marking his Card

Yes thats right, he's marking his own card for being such a bad influence and leading his wife astray, and midweek too, not even at the weekend.

So we had such a lovely relaxing afternoon out yesterday that I sent him to get a bottle of red, he came back with more but I thought hey, no worries we'll have a couple of glasses and leave the rest, Hubby darlingsworth had other ideas and so today I have been horribly hungover and far far worse than he has. He's gone off to footy now but he's treating us to an indian takeaway later, I can't help but adore him really!

Oh and the marking of the card was yesterdays game of crazy golf and with my 3 children it certainly was crazy! Posted by Picasa

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Glamorous Redneck said...

Oh I LOVE the musical too! My little one does her own rendition of "Popular" all the time. lol Have you read Son of a Witch yet? I read it before Wicked, & am kind of glad I did.

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