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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

"Mammy, we haven't got a fence anymore"

"Mammy, we haven't got a fence anymore" were the exact words I woke up to this morning at 7am, as I rubbed the sleep away from my eyes and walked to my window I got quite a shock to find that not only did we have no party fence anymore I couldn't even get out of my back door or through my back gate.

Now, let me say I've been a single mum for over 2 years now and I generally have coped pretty well, I don't think there's been a situation I couldn't handle but when it comes to manly tasks or manual things I pretty much fail at life, don't get me wrong, I can garden and I know many of the latin plant names, I know where to put plants for the best light and I adore my garden in the summer, but entire fences falling down are not my speciality.

Anyway, I called someone and some strong men and a lady came and took my fence away, I also placed a call to our council because a tree had fallen outside the front of our house, when I say fallen, I mean the winds had snapped it in two.  Weirdly we never usually have to deal with such things living in the city where we're sheltered from the worst winds so for the winds to have the strength they did to take down a massive fence and a tree is what you could call an unusual predicament.  

My garden is usually the place I love to sit on summer days, I love my little oasis of calm but today it really doesn't look like these photos at all!

When you become a single parent no one gives you a manual for the extra tasks you weren't in charge of, I did ask Mr F if he maybe had that chapter and I'd just missed it but apparently fence repairs and escaping your own garden aren't included as standard.  For the first time this year I had a moment where I wanted to go and hide under a blanket in the corner until it all went away, instead I messaged Mr F and swore at him privately, well not so much at him but sometimes you need someone who cares, no matter how far away they are, it's not about them being able to help or offer advice, it's just about knowing they are there for you and here and now, I am so grateful for him, you see, he's always there, we speak to each other every day, sometimes privately, sometimes publicly, sometimes he'll bring about random uncontrollable laughter in a quiet moment when you least expect it, it's weird that we are so far apart but yet I feel like he's nearer than I have felt to anyone for a very long time, even if he does think that I live in his phone!

So today, I am thankful once more for people who come and rescue you from fallen trees and fences and most of all for Mr F who almost fell into my life accidently from the other side of the internet and yet when I look back now, it's as if he's always been there, he really gets me and I love that I don't have to be anyone else but me when we are "together" which leads me to believe that when we are in actual close proximity it's going to be truly magical.


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