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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Experiencing Life in All It's Colours

Waking up this morning I breathed a big sigh of relief that no more damage had been done by the winds of yesterday, I have a little wait before the new fence is erected and I may even invite my neighbours to have some kind of winter BBQ party while we share a community garden, I made the news yesterday with a huge facepalm as I saw the story "Woman nearly trapped in her house by falling fence" Around once a year I do seem to make the news for all kinds of strange and peculiar things!  Do you remember the incident last year with Facebook, I thought I blogged about it when I was impersonated but I didn't, probably for the best, the girls banned me from ever saying abhorrent again after seeing me on the news!!

Isn't Sherlock the best drama on TV at the moment?  I watched it on Sunday on the edge of my seat and then I rewatched it with Mr F last night, I am still completely lost as a fox (I'm sure that's not a saying but I'm making it one), I did get rather distracted at the end though as I was booking a £28 train ticket to London in March, £28!!!  Can you believe that?  I paid £105 for the one at the end of January, the trains are a couple of hours different in times and I get more time there in January but really, I can afford to go more often at £28 than I can at £105!

In every facet of my life at the moment I am reconfiguring, I am looking at plans and goals and trying to work out what's essential, what stays and what goes, it's a little like a spring clean but instead of it being my house, it's my life.  Yesterday saw me halving my bipolar meds again, after speaking to my doctors I'm fairly sure that there's a chance that I can come off them completely, for anyone who doesn't know, I have bipolar type 2 and haven't had an episode since I was pregnant with Looby and she's 13 now!  I'm just at a place in my life where everything is so vastly different to what it was fifteen years ago, I have no negative influences and my days are filled with happiness, love and contentment, I'm great a practising self-care, I have no vices now apart from my penchant for tech and kitchen gadgets but I don't think that's likely to affect my mental health.

More than anything, though, I have good people around me so if I do start to waver they'll be the first to let me know and if worst comes to worst, it'll take 2 weeks to get back on the medication but I honestly don't envision that's going to happen.

In my life, on most days, apart from where I wake up in the morning with a cat or dog sitting on my face and have a moment of perturbed thought wondering what the heck it is, I'd go so far as to say that I'm bright and bouncy, I can't actually remember the last time I was in a bad mood but isn't that how life should be?  If you have a job you love, great friends and a fabulous pocket-sized bohemian geek, well then life should make you smile, shouldn't it.  Look I'm not going to make anyone responsible for my own happiness because only I can be in charge of that but we all only have one short life so it's surely better to throw heaps of positivity at it, live the life of a bohemian romantic and just get hurt, sometimes rather than being afraid of life, living in fear and never experiencing life in all it's glorious colours.

When I came out of my last marriage I could have become gnarled, bitter, twisted and I don't think anyone would have blamed me but it's just not me, I always say I'm a hopeful romantic, not a hopeless one and if I had become some kind of disillusioned hermit then I would have been shutting myself off from the wonderful happy heart I have now, life is far too short not to take chances.


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