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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Today I'm Grateful...

I awoke with a start this morning, a knock on the door, only when I ran down to answer it in my half sleep, half awake state there was no one there, once again my dreams predicted a delivery that wasn't quite ready in the real world.

I haven't blogged for a few days, I've had a blogging rest and then there's also the fact that I'm very much sitting here typing somewhat encumbered by the dressings on my left hand, I had a bit of a disagreement with a Jamón knife yesterday leading to 2 hours in the walk-in centre, and a bit of a blue peter repair of sticking me back together, I have to go back again tomorrow for clean dressings and my usually Flash like fingers are typing at a much slower, more fat-fingered pace than usual. 

Whilst I looked on enviously when everyone finished work and school earlier than us, I'm now smiling smugly that the girls aren't back to school until Monday and so I'm actually going to get to spend some time with my gorgeous daughters this week, the very festive and social Miss Charlton's have been so busy that I've seen them less than when they are at school, we shall be binge watching Harry Potter today to make up for it.

Yesterday, though, I was grateful for Looby and the first aid skills I didn't even know she possessed, after trying plasters which just laughed at my bloody lacerations she fashioned some dressings from our now much depleted first aid kit and waved me off to the walk-in centre, I'm also grateful that the battery on the iPhone7 Plus is stupendous, I never have to worry about running out of charge during the day now, I used it solidly to pass the time whilst I waited to be stuck back together.  One other joyful thing I'm super grateful for is Mr France and his hilarious silly humour getting me through the two-hour wait with much laughter, medical centres are lonely miserable places to sit and wait in, especially on bank holidays when everyone seems to be ill or having accidents, I felt dreadful for wasting time but the nurse was so lovely and confirmed that it wasn't something I could have dealt with at home, on my own, without glue and strips and dressings so another thing I am definitely grateful is the fact that in our country we still have the NHS and walk-in centres a short walk away on busy bank holiday afternoons.

I've practised gratitude for several years now, of course, I always fall off a little during the dark grumpy days when I selfishly hide away not remembering how much more splendid my life is than the less unfortunate, we all do it from time to time and there's nothing wrong with that, it's the human condition after all, "Why God, Why Me?" we lament, often holding our fists to the heavens but it's at those moments when we need to take a moment to breathe and count our blessings, I am so lucky in my life right now, I have the best friends, amazing teenagers, wonderful pets, a great job and of course Mr F who expects nothing of me other than to be just me and I in turn only ever expect him to be just him as he is.

So today, in the dark January day when you are going back to work and the traffic is bad, your lunch is horrible or your boss is mean and grumpy, just take a moment to think about all of the good things in your life right now, see if you can make yourself smile because if you can smile then you're on the path to being happy, really happy and extremely content.


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