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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Put Your Questions to Mr France

Monday came and went in a flash,  Hollys morning constitutional seemed to stretch through the afternoon and before I knew it the girls arrived home from their first day back at school and Harriet arrived for dinner, it was lovely to be back in the swing of Monday night's open house until Looby had a huge teen meltdown overhearing someone chewing (she has misophonia) and went screaming to bed and that was the last I saw of her, she did briefly make an appearance but only to tell me how much she hated me, everyone and the world entire.

My usual Monday night Skype dates have returned with Mr France after a couple of weeks of having to move them around to accommodate Christmas etc, I like Monday nights with Mr F, it gets my week off to a brilliant start and he usually manages to inspire blog posts throughout the week, he is very much my muse, I write better, more consistently and with more passion than I ever did before we bumped into each other across the internet.  Apparently, he still doesn't think I'm real, though, I'm just the lovely lady who lives in his phone and his laptop, I've told him he can pinch me to check that I'm real at the end of the month when we're both together at a lovely luxury hotel in Chiswick.  I've also mentioned I might be just a little over-excited about this!

Tonight we went shopping together and although I can't tell you what for because I was helping him with a blog thing what I can tell you is that, there was a certain amount of magicalness and serendipity to the evening just as there always is, I'm not sure how it happens but I think it's probably just that we're the same kind of crazy, bonkers and we get each other, we really are 'just us'.

Somewhere during the shopping, we were chatting about our upcoming weekend away and blog things leading up to that and we thought it might be quite a nice idea to interview him for my blog so dear readers, I'm wondering what kind of things we should ask him, I'm going to write some questions but is there anything that you the reader want to know?  Before you ask "Who are you?" I can promise you will find out but he's going to blog about that after our weekend away, once he's checked I really am a living breathing actual person and not just a projection of his consciousness that appears online whenever he's around.

So here and now, what can we ask him to get to know him better?  He really is a very interesting guy and very much multifaceted with lots of tales to tell.  But what do you want to know about this darling, diminutive dad who has captured my heart?  I am so delighted that he's not only agreed to do this but he might have been the one who suggested it although I think I mentioned it in passing, I guess that's one of the wonderful things about us, the collaboration, the fantastical ideas, life is pretty stupendous.

What I will say is that 3 weeks isn't so long to wait and yet every hour of the day seems to be creeping by so slowly, testament to the fact of just how excited I actually am, I guess these moments of wonder just don't happen that often and even less so when you are a woman in her fourth decade, I do keep joking about the fact that I'm a cougar being a little over 8 years older than him but everyone knows that women in their 40's well, we really have got our heads, lives and hearts in check and under control, we are forthright, confident and not ageing too badly (thankfully), my body may be a bit of a write off but my mind is still fully intact and the last time I looked my face hadn't fallen off just yet.

There is just one thing, when Mr F and I chat on Skype on Mondays, he always appears a little dark, shadowy and sometimes just a little blurry, I apparently am usually just out of sync leading him to laugh hilariously when my mouth doesn't match with my voice and despite reassuring him that I'm not actually the same in real life, I guess he just wants to make extra sure  before coming out of the French armoire!

Leave your suggestions for questions below and I'll post his interview next week hopefully!



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