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Friday, January 06, 2017

Mr France, The Magical Centaur

It's 9 am, it's dark and rainy, I'm holed up in my bedroom, still cosy underneath my Christmas bedding with summer light patterned sheets and outside the rain threatens to fall at any given moment, it's January, it's damp and the light levels are perpetually low, usually at this time of year I start to feel the pangs of seasonally affected disorder.  There's just one thing, this year I didn't have any post-Christmas blues, I haven't been hit by any great overwhelming urge to hibernate, well no more than I usually do and yesterday I went out for my first big 10k walk of the year!  It was a joyous affair with Looby and her best friend, Holly Bobbins loved every second, granted she still managed to be what I'd like to describe as a big fat barky pants when I was Skyping Mr France last night but that's kind of normal.

Whenever Mr France and I Skype Holly has a weird reaction, I'm sure that she recognises his voice but she can't quite work out where he is so she barks and barks and then she gets bored and goes to sleep, hopefully when they meet it means she'll just wag her tail a lot and she'll love him to bits, I'm sure she will, anyone with even a grain of sense adores Mr F, he's the sweetest, kindest, loveliest man, Looby spoke to him last night and I do believe he even stuck up for her and said I should have let her build a fort in my living room, ok, maybe next time I will, she apparently made one in her bedroom and then cleared it properly although I never saw it so I can't be entirely sure!

I do love that Looby thinks Mr F is a magical centaur, it's a big relief when you meet someone and your teenagers approve, she was even heard to be telling her best friend all about him yesterday, suffice to say I'm sure if he comes to Newcastle this year (which I truly hope he will) I don't think I'm going to have any problems introducing him to anyone I know because kids, friends, everyone who's spoken to him thinks he's just right for me.

Last night we were talking and I was telling him how much I love telling our story when all is said and done it's truly beautiful and unique, I don't know anyone else who's met in the same way as us, if you are reading this and you have however do get in touch as I'd love to hear from other people and maybe share their stories too (with permission of course) maybe we could do some happy relationship stories in time for Valentines Day?  

I may have rambled a little (I'm well known for it, ask Mr F) and digressed from my initial point which was that it's the first year I can remember where I have entered the year with so much hope and excitement for the future, my walk yesterday with Looby and her best friend felt magical and joyous, it did end up costing me a lunch and a Starbucks in bribery to make sure they stayed happy for the whole 10K but it was a pleasure just to feel the winter sunshine on my face and that gorgeous golden glow of the light which we always get around this time of year.  the days may be currently short but when we get beautiful sunny ones, the light is the most special you'll ever see, by the time we got home from our walk the hues of orange and red made the whole of the world pretty as the sun dipped it's head behind the horizon as it climbed into bed for it's longer winters nap, I adore the long heady days of summer but this year I am taking the pleasure and joy in the every day, something to hold up high and cherish.

We have so many moments in our life and we cannot remember them all, that's why I write in the way that I do so that I can look back and remember some of them, sometimes there are small pleasures in the minutiae of our daily lives and it's only when we can look back at a later date that we remember just how defining and life changing some of them were.  I don't know where you started when I embarked on this great adventure with Mr France, maybe you were there on that first day when I put my dating profile on my blog, or the first time I described him as Mr France, maybe you came along to find our story half way and have followed some of our weekly Skype dates?   Whenever you first came by to read our story, I hope you'll stick around because this, right here, is just the very start of something very special.

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