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Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016, Final Thoughts and Looking Forward to 2017

So, we're here, the very last blog post of 2016 and as I've already mentioned in my 2016 reflective post, it really has been quite a year.

As I leave this year to enter the next one I am happier than I can ever remember, Looby said earlier today that I had become fun mum this year, you cannot understand just how much of a robot I was, I was honestly high functioning, lived what I thought was a happy life but laughter is such an important thing, it relaxes, it binds us all together, it brings about shared experiences as we as a family all laugh together and then the kids laugh at me and then I laugh at, well everything really.  I have become as Mr F says, a giggler in a box.

Around this time every year I come up with my focus word for the next year and whereas last years was adventure this coming year I have a big goal because my word for this year is Joy, on a selfish level I want to have joy in my own life but this is not so much about what I want to receive because in 2017 I want to bring joy to other people's lives, I am genuinely setting out my goal for next year to make other people feel happier, less lonely, more joyful, positive smilier and enriched.

Friends for dinner on Mondays was a rousing success in 2016 and I'm planning to keep this going but I also want to add a monthly Friday night dinner party as I loved our Christmas party so much, it's just great when all of your friends are in the same place and your kids and their friends and you are all getting along having a shared experience.

I know I'm going to continue to travel and have adventures, more than ever before I want to get myself out there, exploring new places, meeting new people and just bringing some sparkle into people's lives.

It's taken me so long to get to this happy state that I'm in now and I want to truly share that with the world.  I rarely make resolutions, I just promise myself that I will try to continue to be brilliant each and every day.  I hope for no tears of sorrow and only tears of absolute and utter joy.

I am sure that the year ahead will hold challenges but I am ready for each and every one, I have beaten many challenges in my life, my work, parenting and business thus far and I know what I am capable of, yes I'm sometimes a little absurd and ridiculous but I have guts, I am independent, stubborn and strong, I keep those in my heart protected at all times and if anyone should try to hurt them I'll fight for them with all of my will.

I am truly excited for 2017, I think it could be the most amazing year I have ever lived so lets come back and reassess this a year from now and see if it's exceeded even my wishes and hopes.

Strap yourselves in for the most exciting ride yet, 2017, I am coming to get you!

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