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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Who Is Mr France? | #whoismrfrance

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I have to admit that I wasn't going to write about Mr France again so soon after last week but we were talking last night and he said that if I didn't write about him everyone would wonder, where is Mr France rather than #whoismrfrance, where has he gone, has he disappeared?  The truth is of course that Mr France has become so much part of my everyday life that surely no one could possibly think he's vanished, I talk about him all the time, to anyone who'll listen for long enough and even with the people who know who Mr France is I still call him Mr France, even when I talk to the kids about him, as I told him last night, it doesn't matter what happens now, he'll always be my Mr France!

Today, I am tired, I haven't slept since around November, I'm always affected by the approaching equinox and I know that in January I will want to sleep forever, I will find new powers of sleep, until then I am very much surviving on a nightly lack of sleep and last night after spending 4 hours Skyping Mr France once again I was so happy and bouncy when I got into bed that by the time I woke up at half seven this morning I'd had, I reckon, around 4 hours sleep, yay me! 

You know what's brilliant about Mr France?  That I can be completely and totally myself when I'm with him and even though it's Skype and not touchable 3D real life it does feel like we're together when we're Skyping, I love that I can be all of the crazy, the good crazy, the things I usually have to try and hide away inside, I just don't have to do that, although that is perhaps testament to the fact that he is also slightly crazy bonkers.

So if we were in the US we would no doubt plan to meet at the top of the Empire State building sometime in February, sadly though, this is rainy old england and also, February is a long, long time away.  Being that we're in rainy old England and we both love musicals our plan is set to meet in London and go to see a musical, we're just not sure which musical, his favourite is Phantom, mine is Wicked but we both agreed we should maybe go to see something we hadn't seen already.  I am though super excited to meet him in touchable 3D technicolour.  On Skype, we don't have any set pattern and we have the most bizarre conversations which go from serious life changing opinions down to crazy stories about the strangest things and it all just seems to fit, so much so that I'm always a little sad when I realise the time has once again flown.

I'm not ashamed to say that I am smitten and there have been times when I didn't think I would ever have that feeling about anyone, the best thing is that it definitely feels mutual, for the first time I never ever find myself being over analytical or second guessing myself, I'm not worrying about things, I'm simply having fun and enjoying the adventure and to the naysayers, a small but vocal minority, I want to say something, to the people who say, you shouldn't be talking about this, well I wouldn't be, I could have kept it all in, I could have said nothing but Mr France is fully aware of it all and he's encouraging and supportive and it's part of my story, my story that started right here, on this blog nearly eleven years ago.  And to those who say "That's not dating, don't be ridiculous" let me say this, lots of people meet other people in bars or clubs, they get drunk, they take them home, they spend the night with them, some of them can't even remember their names the next day, with Mr France it's not like that, we can't be physically near to each other right now so we talk, we get to know each other, being connected to someones minds or thoughts is so much deeper so don't knock it until you've tried it.

Last night with the help of a website called Whats Halfway we worked out that Newark is smack bang in the middle of us so that's a consideration for the future as we're both only 2.5 hours away apparently, to be honest though I think I'd rather be on the train for an extra half hour and meet up in London, it's just a little more exciting.

This morning someone said to me, "I know who Mr France is" well I can tell you, it's one of the worst kept secrets on the internet, especially if you use Twitter but I'm not quite ready to reveal his secret identity just yet, in fact I can tell you this, last night he wasn't bespectacled as he usually is so he did kind of reveal his own secret identity, not that he looks all that different with or without spectacles but then again, neither did Clark Kent and he kept the entire planet guessing...


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