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Friday, December 02, 2016

My Festive Home at Christmas

Anyone who knows me well, and actually, pretty much anyone who even knows me just a little will probably be aware that I am the official Queen of Christmas, it's my favourite time of year! Christmas is all about magic and love and goodwill and as I tell my children if you have Christmas in your heart there will always be magic.  I tell this to other people's children too often to receive a bemused look in return, some of them nod and definitely get it, though.  

We started our festooning and decorating festively last weekend, this year has been brilliant but it's also been tough at times and I for one was more than happy to let the sparkle in a little earlier this year, there's also the fact that I am for the very first time holding a Christmas party tonight, it's a dream come true when you consider that there was a seven-year period when I felt I couldn't even let people into my home.

My home is far from perfect but it comes into its own for approximately one month a year with the low glowing lights and cosy surroundings, I love making cosy and feeling enveloped by warmth, if I can add my friends and my children into the mix then it's the makings of a perfect time spent in the company of one another.  We don't have a lot of people coming, that's something I'll be saving for next year, this year is just about cocktails, good friends and a little festive merrymaking, we might even break out the new Karaoke Machine

So, I went around the house with my camera last night and this morning to capture some perfectly picturesque portraits of my home in the hope of spreading some festive joy to you all.

In the bedroom, all of the festive touches came courtesy of TK Maxx in the Metrocentre, I love their Homestyle store and always come away with bags of stuff so it was even better that they sent me a gift card to pick up some home styling things which I've used to accent my very cosy bedroom and if you don't live near a story, you needn't worry as they have tons of festive treats online!  I adore their candle selection and there's nothing like an amazing selection of cinnamon scented ones when Christmas is upon us.  You may have even spotted Holly modelling a pet scarf from TK Maxx, perfect for the pampered pet or Christmas canine in your life!

In our kitchen I've added a whole lot of snowflakes, I'll be honest and say that every year I watch one of Jamie Oliver's Christmas special and he has a myriad of snowflakes hanging in the room he cooks in and I've always wanted to do this same, so this year I raided my local Wilkinsons and bought more than a few, I added some I found in the drawer and to make sure they didn't fall down, I finally stuck them up with pins, sticky fixers may work for everyone else but in my house they just fall down and then I have meltdowns over snowflakes and Christmas lights (just ask Looby) so I try to keep the decorating as stress free as possible.

So that's a little tour around my home and I hope you love it, also the rug in the last photo has now been replaced with a festive shaggy piled Christmas red coloured rug because this is Christmas in Newcastle not Christmas in Madagascar!

I hope that everyone who comes into my home this Christmas will feel cosy and warm, I hope they will quaff on mulled wine and cocktails, I hope they will sing their hearts out and most of all I hope they'll feel the love from my family to theirs because that's what Christmas is really about, it's not about the presents, it's about the quality time spent with the people you love and I'll never stop appreciating that.

So I hope you're all ready to have yourself a merry little Christmas and if not, why not go and deck the halls...

Disclaimer, I received a gift card to spend at TK Maxx in exchange for including the things I bought in my article and what a lovely festive selection of things they are too!


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