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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

5 Last Minute Christmas Gift ideas

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Ok, so it's now just a few days until Christmas and if you haven't got that all important gift for that difficult to buy for person then Mama Mandy aka the Fairy Squadmother is here to help, I'll have to tell you why I'm called the Fairy Squadmother another time though!

1. The Boots City Lights Beauty Collection is on sale for just £39 and it's worth over £140, perfect present for me actually but also good for best friends and don't forget your mama, she loves you too! Bookmark that link and you might just get some goodies in the Boxing Day sale when everything is reduced

2.  Fancy a little soothing in the New Year, I am the biggest fan of holistic therapies and I've got some top tips for some amazing ladies you need to visit if you want to transform into the beautiful inner goddess you have inside.

For Reiki, you need to purchase a session or buy some gift certificates from the wonderful ladies at Cloud Nine, they even have a special retreat running between Christmas and New Year at a very special price and this is a present the most spiritual of your family is going to love.

For Reflexology you need to go and see lovely Rachel at R&R Therapy in Gosforth, she's based inside the Northern Football ground and she's a genius, she could tell that I was anxious just by the skin on the side of my toes.

If Numerology is your thing then you must go and see Sonia, aka, The Fit Mumma, this amazing lady helped me change my life by showing me all of the amazing things which lay ahead, I was pretty much floundering around in the wilderness and an hour with Sonia really switched my thinking around, I can't recommend Sonia highly enough!

Finally, if you think Tarot might show you the way then you need to go and visit my wonderful friend Susan Smalley, she's possibly the most esoteric lady I know and she glows from the inside, just a walk with Susan makes me feel glad to be alive, imagine the possibilities of a tarot card reading to help guide you.

3.  The lovely people at Best In Show sent Holly some Christmas gifts in the shape of a giant bone, a play toy that actually cleans teeth and another fabulous mug for me to add to my collection, they also do the most adorable hampers for your four-pawed best friends

4.  Totally digital and only £7.69 instead of over £20 it's the Windows 10 edition of Minecraft, guaranteed to keep the little people out of mischief over the Christmas holidays

5. I always get my kids something which helps others, this year we've adopted a donkey, Oxfam have the best range of gifts which help others, you can send a water, honey bees or even a pile of poo and you'll be safe in the knowledge that you've done something amazing.

This last minute gift guide contains affiliate links, people who I've worked with and people I would personally recommend, all of these ideas are my own and I am the fairy squadmother!

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