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Sunday, October 09, 2016

So, What Happened Next?

So it's 7am, Sunday morning and I'm in bed, with a (loudly) snoring beagle next to me who's spent most of the night with her head right next to my ear snoring so loudly you would assume she's the one with the massive head cold and not me! I took those cold tablets which are supposed to make you sleep and had the worst nights sleep I think I've ever had,  I have a big work day ahead of me today with a couple of portrait sessions and a 10 year anniversary party for favourite clients and right now, all I want to do is stay in my warm quilted cocoon with coffee and cold tablets and a beagle!

This week has been a peculiar one but I've felt strangely more aware than ever before of all of the people behind screens who choose to read my daily ramblings.  On Friday, someone I know stopped me in the street to ask me about "Mr Adorable With Puppies", people emailed me, messaged me on Facebook, commented on Facebook or here on my blog, over 6000 people have read the article, I'm assuming because you all have followed my story for so long that you just want me to be happy, either that or you're just all bloody nosy!

Now I wish I could tell you all what happened next, "If he was so perfect why no third date?" Asked someone.  "Is there any chance of a 3rd date?" asked another, "He doesn't like cake?" asked more than one or two of you, yes I know, it's kind of weird, I've never encountered it before and I'm sure there's a cure.

The one person I actually didn't expect to read the article was the man himself, I was kind of mortified for a moment when he got in touch but he was lovely, I mean he should be, I was only complimentary after all and it's not every day you meet someone you want to call Mr Adorable.

I can't at this point give you a solid answer as to what's going to happen in the future but I will tell you what I told him, I would rather wait 6 months for another date with him than keep dating people who didn't make me smile every time I got their messages.

I've come to realise that it's a lot more complicated to date in your late 30's/early 40's and that's because generally we all have kids and kids plus single parenting plus careers plus the distances between us, well it doesn't exactly make things easy. Right now from where I'm standing it seems a little too similar to the Adjustment Bureau although I should state that neither of us is a politician or a ballet dancer, I just don't have the toes for it!

The truth of the matter is my short toe dip into the heady world of online dating has been, shall we say, an eye-opener?  It has presented many "characters" It's both good for the confidence and yet as someone who is a classic overthinker you will drive yourself completely insane, it's like sitting next to the phone waiting for it to ring and I'm talking about in the 80's or 90's when you gave someone your number and prayed they would call you.

There's a thing now, with online dating at least, I know from friends, they have a few men they're chatting too and then they'll go on a couple of dates to try each one out, like it's an audition or a job interview, this, of course, seems sensible to me but I just think I have an inability to be like that, perhaps because I'm older, but I'm quite prepared to put all of my energy into something I potentially think could be great rather than expend it all with 3 or 4 utterly bland experiences, maybe that's me being insightful or maybe I'm just stupid, whatever happens, for the moment at least, Tinder, you are toast, and Plenty of Fish, you are getting released back into the ocean, whatever happens though, one thing is for certain and that is Mr Adorable will always be Mr Adorable!

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