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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

The Story of Looby, A Fairy Tale

"Once upon a time, there was a tiny baby who snuggled inside her mummy's tummy, for 9 months the kindly mum dreamt of the day she would finally meet the baby growing inside her and on the day the baby was born, the kindly mum got quite a surprise when she found out that the boy she thought she had been carrying was actually a blonde haired, green eyed girl.  When the mummy held her newborn for the very first time after she was lifted from her tummy she cried happy tears of joy, she was the only one of her three babies she was well enough to hold.

For one whole month, the mummy and the beautiful baby girl lived in a hospital whilst the doctors tried hard to fix mummy's head so that she wouldn't cry every day and finally after lots of meetings and medication the lovely mummy was allowed to bring her darling girl home.

With this baby everything was different, she didn't mind the 3am feeds or the crying in the night because she was well now and embraced every day, she looked at her daughter with adoration in her eyes instead of the sadness in her heart she'd felt because of the evil monster, postnatal depression.   The darling baby grew into the most beautiful princess who's smile shone right from the middle of her heart and over the years the little girl grew into a wonderful quirky young lady who's inner sparkle radiated throughout the kingdom like a unicorn in flight.  The girl had hidden powers of magic, she made everyone feel loved and wanted and hugged anyone who felt sad or alone.  The young lady's name was, of course, Looby".

Last week, Looby became a teenager, my youngest child is now a teenager, there are still magical days of course but I thought I better get that fairy style story written down so that one day she'll find it and know just how very different my experience of motherhood was with her, it's always different with your baby of course because they are your baby, even if it's hard to see that when the teenager filled with a million different feelings and hormones is screaming at you from across the room or slamming doors so hard that they knock the pictures off the wall!  

Every year on Looby's birthday we have the best tea parties and we always have cake!  This year we had 2 amazing cakes, a pinata cake made by Abigail and the other, a unicorn chocolate cake from the amazingly talented Helen at Van-illa Treats.

I of course baked and this year it has been a dream thanks to my fabulous stand mixer from Savisto which I will be writing a full review of but let's just say, I baked meringues for the very first time, my Eton mess was an amazing gooey success and the whole party was one long chatty, noisy, cacophonous evening full of the very best people.

Another thing I've always managed to do with Looby is to take an official birthday portrait, something to mark each passing year, it's amazing just how much she has changed in this year, a tumultuous year which we'll never forget and I'm so happy that she's so healthy and happy now, if I never see another children's ward I will be very thankful. For now though we're looking to the future and I can't wait to see what happens, Looby has big plans for 13 starting with making a magical bedroom for herself, a holiday with dad next year already planned and I'm sure she and I will have so much fun and laughter and cuddles and love, we do that every day already but whatever happens, the one thing I know, Looby will forever be my baby.


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