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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Friendship, it's a wonderful thing!

When you are growing up at school surrounded by people you make new friends every day, Looby met her best friend in nursery and I have a feeling that no matter where life takes them they'll always be friends.

As we grow up and paths take us in different directions we often lose people along the way and as we walk through our lives we pick up new important people along the way.

When I started my business I had very few friends, agoraphobia isn't the best for getting out there and meeting people but I've been the luckiest to make long lasting friendships and to now be surrounded by a small circle of people I actually adore.

I always thought it was much harder to make friends when you are older but in a funny way I've found that the type of friends I have means that I end up being introduced to their friends and I introduce them to my friends and the friendship circle grows.

Take Kelly for example, a couple of months ago I didn't know lovely Kelly but now she's a regular at "Friends for Dinner" my open house Monday's and I speak to her every day along with Harriet, we almost always end up at "Youth Club" on a Friday night and she's enriched my life with her warm personality and sometimes outrageous but seriously entertaining tales, if you ever meet her, you'll definitely remember her.

Last week was Kelly's birthday and Kelly being a big fan of Gin was the very apt recipient of a jar of Gin and Elderflower humbugs, yes, that's right guys, now you can have Gin in a lollipop or humbug thanks to the wonder of Holly's Lollies and can I just say that I've tried the lolly myself and it's possibly the best ever lolly I've had in my life, perfect for presents or just when the moment strikes you, it's the perfect naughty but not so naughty gift.  I also happen to think that if you are planning a wedding these would be the perfect wedding favours so 2017 brides take note!

I'm delighted to be collaborating with Holly's Lollies over the next few months so I can't wait to try more of the fabulous flavours and maybe gifting a few to my favourite people.

So it's kind of weird that Kelly just landed in my life and became part of my "Framily" as I like to call them (that's friends who are family) but it feels like she's always been there, just like Harriet, Li Laura,  and Stacey all of whom have met each other and who all get on like the proverbial house on fire.

Around the same time that Kelly bounced into my life I also happened upon someone else although it's about 100 times more complicated but I also speak to him every day, he's never yet made it to a Monday night or a Friday night at the local, he has though met Kelly and Harriet and they really liked him.  What's weird is for all we're miles apart we still manage to talk about all kinds of things in a never ending conversation, obviously,  I tend to use a lot more words than he does but it's really lovely that he came into my life when he did and I'm sure anyone who met him would think he was adorable.

When I set out to write this article I sat down and thought for a moment about all of the incredible friends I have my life now, some I see virtually every day, some I don't see nearly enough but through social media I don't think anyone is ever as apart or isolated as they once were and that feels good to me, the best thing is that you can keep up with what's happening with people's lives and so when you do manage to steal an hour or two it's so much easier to pick up where you left off, I know many hate Facebook and social media but for someone like me I think it's an absolute life saver, I love tech and it's many ways it lets me communicate with my nearest and dearest so you'll never hear me complaining.  Now about those Gin flavoured lollies, if anyone wants one you'll just have to come and pinch them from me!



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