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Friday, October 07, 2016

I'm finally taking care of me again

I don't have to go anywhere today, I could literally stay in bed all day if I wanted to, I could wear pyjamas and slippers and slob around my house but you know what, here I am, hair straightened, makeup on and I'm wearing something comfy and stylish, why?  Because I'm taking care of me.

You see, for a long time I've just kind of got by on a day to day basis, I'm quite comfortable in my own skin to wear no makeup and I don't own enough mirrors to care.  Healing from a broken relationship of any kind takes time but one day you'll speak to friends who'll say, "you know what?   Makeup, matching underwear, nice clothes, perfume, they're not about doing it for someone else, they're about doing it for you, feeling good about yourself, looking after yourself" I'm paraphrasing but suffice to say, thanks, Kelly, thanks Harriet.

I wear small heels and lovely jackets for dog walks, I bounce along the pavements, it's a tricky proposition if I have to go down a hill but hey, you can't have everything!

Right now before I go to bed at night I use Elizabeth Arden skin illuminating brightening night capsules which they kindly sent to me in my hour of need, they really make my skin feel smoother when I use one and then in the morning I look a lot less puffy than I used to so by the time I then add an anti ageing moisturiser and foundation with powder I actually don't look so bad for all of my 42 and a half years.

Last weekend I finally treat myself to some perfume, I've always loved Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers, well now they have a new perfume which is divine, it's called Sunflowers, Morning Gardens and you get a huge bottle for not so much money, it's the first perfume I've bought myself in years, the first of many I hope!

The truth is you should always try and care for yourself, you only have 1 life after all.  I've always been me, quirky old me, part genius, part demented polar bear.  Over the years though I kind of became a little afraid, 10 or so years without compliments takes its toll, I don't mean the ones from friends and family, yes they count but not in the same way.  I truly believe if you find your other half, that other part of your soul, you'll both offer compliments every day and remember,  every time you give someone a compliment it gives them a little boost, if however you are in a relationship and you tell that other person "You are the most amazing person I've ever met, you make me breathless every time I look at you" well then you create super people, people who are aware just how special and amazing they are, actually shouldn't we all be doing this in our relationships?  When was the last time you told someone just how much they rock your world or float your boat?

So for the now and maybe forever I'm making a pledge to myself to always wear great clothes, nice underwear, makeup and perfume, my comfy pyjamas, however, well they can stay and there's absolutely no compromise on that one!


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