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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Halloween Crafts and Autumn Styling

getting ready for halloween with Viking

I love autumn, the falling leaves, the cosy hot chocolates when you come in from the cold and light a fire (or candles in my house, I don't have a fire sadly) the crisp mornings, the golden sunlight and the start of the holiday season with Halloween being the first occasion in the holiday calendar.

Halloween gets bigger every year in Britain, our American cousins favourite autumnal holiday traditions have crossed the Atlantic and it's no longer just about carving out your turnips with spoons and thank goodness for that, I'm not sure exactly how my parents managed it, have you ever tried to scoop out the flesh of a swede with a teaspoon?  I did once and I can tell you this, don't do it!!  

Viking sent me a box of crafty goodies and asked me to come up with some spooktacular craft ideas and being that I used to run a design team for a craft store I thought I might measure up to the challenge.  I love the chance to create things,  If you go back far enough on my blog you'll know it used to be my daily business to come up with creatively fabulous ideas but I must admit when the box turned up I was a little stumped, and then I saw the glass jars, and I love candles and autumn, being the season of Hygge, I'm always looking for more ways to get a little soft light into my lounge.

Here's the thing though, Halloween may be full of spooks and ghouls but I wanted to create something I could use from now right through to Christmas and beyond so I spent several very messy hours with some Mod Podge, tissue paper, a permanent black marker and about 6 tons of glitter, glitter which I must point out is now all over my kitchen floor, my dog, my garden path and me, yes if you see me today, I literally sparkle and that's not such a bad thing!

With the smaller jar, I drew on a village of spooky houses and then used the Modpodge to create a glittery starry sky and with the larger jar, I covered it in modpodge, added a layer of tissue paper and then painted on it with glue and sprinkled librally with glitter to make my very own witches brew tealight holder (to be recycled on the 5th of November as a firework tea light holder) the black is slightly translucent so it gives off a lovely sparkle with the light drops in the evenings.

I've also added in another couple of Kilner Jars which are filled with sweeties and then they just have spooky faces on them to make them more Halloween, yes they'll be gone by the first of November and I can recycle the jars, my festive sparkly tealight holders are destined to stay much longer and my autumnal pumpkin garland really does make the perfect hygge atmosphere, combine that all together with as many candles as you can light without wanting to risk a call from your local fire brigade and I think you have yourself something really special.

I want to thank the Viking team for massaging my creative brain, sending the goodies and my dog who hasn't complained about sparkling in the sunlight or the fact that her paws are covered in gold glitter!

There's never a dull day when you can add just a little extra sparkle!

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