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Monday, October 17, 2016

Christmas Open House At Chez Mandy

With just over 2 months until Christmas I wanted to get this yearly blog post up, you see Christmas can be a lonely time if you have no family or if you are too far away from them to celebrate with them and whilst I have open house every Monday on Christmas Day/Boxing Day I throw open my doors to anyone who wants to visit, even if it's just for an hour.

For the last 2 years since being on my own, I've just had the guarantee of the kids for Christmas which is lovely but I also love my friends very much and it's been wonderful when they've joined me throughout the festive season.

This year I've been on a bit of a mission to try to extinguish the loneliness from people's lives as much as possible because loneliness kills people, it's a fact, the times I've felt most unwell in my whole life have been the times when I've felt isolated and lonely and though it's like I'm always present because of social media I do spend a little too much time on my own.

Iain started a job today, his first job, so now I have 5 days a week where it's just me and Holly Bobbins (and the cats) and at weekends Looby goes away to Daddy's/granddad's/riding so for a lot of the time I twiddle my thumbs, I watch a lot of movies and box sets and I spend a lot of time going out so I can avoid spending too long on my own.

At Christmas, I take 2 weeks off and it's really my big holiday but being that it's the time when most people are with their families it's also the time when I, myself, can feel a little alone in the world. I know it won't always be this way but whilst it is I want to put myself out there and see if I can help others who might be in similar situations.

I've already invited a couple of people who don't have immediate family to spend time with or who are working for part of Christmas but you, yes you there, what are you doing at Christmas?  Want to come for food and I will feed you until you are happy as a little round barrel?

There are some conditions - 

1, No Psychopaths, Sociopaths or Serial Killers, I actually don't just give my details out willy nilly you know!
2. Bring alcohol, I always have some in but honestly, I drink a lot less than most of the people I know.
3. Smile, Be Happy, Have Fun, get quite tipsy and sleep in a chair if you want, I live in a creative hovel so bear that in mind that you will have to take me as you find me.
4. Everything stops for The Queens speech, and Doctor Who
5. Don't come if you don't like cats/dogs/kids/mess
6. It would be super helpful if you could tell me if you are coming by the start of November so I can cater for the right amount of people, I usually do a Christmas Dinner and Veggie Christmas Dinner

So not exactly the most strict of conditions but if you remember all of the above then we'll all have a great time, oh and on point number 1, you can't trick us, my friends and I are pretty qualified in the psychology area and we can usually spot weirdo's a mile off!

If you are reading this and think "oh, you know what, that would be lovely" you can email me and I will reply and furnish you with the exact details!

Lets make sure that 2016 is the best Christmas ever and that no one is at home feeling lonely or unloved.



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