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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sparkly Creative Lady Seeks Mr Absolutely Lovely

Mandy Charlton, writer, blogger, photographer is looking for love

In the midst of my chaotic crazy upside down life I've had some random thoughts about dating which, well you never know, they might just work.

So, what if, you, yes all of you, what if you knew someone who was looking to date someone like me?

Now I have just come back home from an event where I was talking to Chloe and Kate and I sounded this idea out with them just to make sure I wasn't being ludicrous and the way I see it, doing what I am about to do on my blog is no riskier than Plenty of Fish or, so here, live on my blog is what I have written on my current dating profile.

"I've had 2 years on my own, a great opportunity to think about what I actually want (and what I don't want).

Here's what I'd love to find in a man aged 36-44, preferably slim or athletic with hair (think David Tennant or Ewan Mcgregor for my perfect men types)  - 

A strong, hot, funny, smart man who loves animals, travel, cake, vodka, cuddles and spending time with my friends and me at what we like to call "youth club".  Must love Sci-Fi, Superheroes, and Christmas. 

Here's what I can offer in return - 

A smart, intelligent, funny, quirky lady with a lot of love for people and animals as well as cake, vodka, travel, cuddles, musicals, sci-fi, superheroes and Doctor Who, who'll chat quite happily until the wee small hours and who's pretty good at a pub quiz thanks to having a brain full of random facts.

Obviously, as a decent human being, I can compromise on most things, not sure about the cake or musicals, though, they're standard features of most days of my life.

I am mostly accompanied by a Beagle! 

I'm not very good at short answers and text speak is the ultimate turn off".

And this is where I hand things over to you, if you know of someone male who matches that description and they're single and looking,  tell them about me, the weird lady who just put her dating profile on her blog, they're going to have to learn to cherish the eccentric/crazy me anyway so it's best they know about it from the start  and they're going to have to be ok with me writing about them,  you can tell them though that I'll protect their identity like a superhero and I never intentionally say bad things about people, well unless they truly deserve it!

So that's me and that's what I'm looking for, It may be that no one ever gets in touch but like most things in life, it's better to put it out there rather than live a life of fear or one that you let pass by and slip through your fingers, I know my soulmate is out there and I don't want to madly search because sometimes if you look too hard you miss what's right in front of your face and so Mr. Absolutely Lovely, it's up to you now, you need to come and find me, get in touch and let's have coffee and a dog walk and if you're lucky I might just bake you a cake.

Hannah Spannah

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