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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

UK Cityscapes, then and now, a progress update

When I started the UK Cityscapes project I thought that it would be easy, I mean, there's only 69 cities, that's just 69 days out of 365, I gave myself a year to do it and for me I just thought it would be easy, I was so very wrong...

Since April I have travelled to 22 different cities and I have loved pretty much all of them, there have been ups and downs (did someone mention Wakefield?) and what started out as an idea for me to just take 69 photographs of the cityscapes of our great cities of the UK has become something much more.  I have absorbed myself in each city so I could come up with an unbiased view, I have explored, I have literally walked for miles, sometimes with a guide or a companion and sometimes with just me.

This week I made the tough decision to take a week off from travelling, my family complained that the only see me in passing, I'm super busy shooting weddings and portraits and I find myself exhausted and my mood is dipping, and that's accompanied by spots, a cold sore and yesterday I woke up with a migraine, this is always a sure sign that I need to step back and reassess.

I am worried though that I am completely behind schedule and that I'm letting people down by not achieving the goal quickly enough.  It's very much more expensive than I ever thought it would be, even with the crowd funding, every single penny I earn is going into this project.

Why am I writing this, well it's my blog and therefore it's a good place to put my thoughts and I really needed to do this, don't worry, I'm not even thinking of giving up, I just need some time. I've already got my tickets and hotel booked for Sheffield next week but I have nothing further booked after that trip so I really need to book more and decide what action plan I am going to take, on average it's £100 per city for travel and hotels if I can do it in 24 hours and I think the easy way would perhaps be for me to see if I could just turn up at a city, take 1 photo and get back on a train, however, I think if I do that I am essentially letting myself down and therefore letting everyone who's supported me down too.

For the rest of this week though I am doing family things, I have a wedding on Friday and then I have the weekend off as it's my hubby's birthday and I think he wants to go to Redefest, a music festival in Northumberland.  On Monday I hope to have made the decisions and I'll be filled with renewed energy and my mojo will reappear.

Until then, I shall muse about the next step, suggestions though, are gratefully received.

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