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Friday, July 04, 2014

Mandy's 7 Top Websites for Cheaper Travel in the UK

If there's one thing that I do a lot of dear reader it's travelling, especially for my UK Cityscapes project and probably even more than that I spend time researching the best places to find super deals for travel in the UK so it's only right that I pass them on to you so you can save yourself money on travel and hopefully spend it on ice-creams and souvenirs instead.

  1. I've found lately that this is my preferred site for finding hotel bargains, often you'll click on a hotel and it will offer a secret extra discount or of course they offer their special deals on secret hotels.  This week they sent me a 10% discount code which I used to book 3 hotels, this then lead to them sending me a time limited by invitation only 15% code and so of course I grabbed another excellent hotel deal with that.
  2. This is the biggest hotel comparison website, sometimes they'll even give you an extra discount to be one of their secret hotel testers, if I can't find a good deal on Trivago is the next website I visit.
  3. Quidco In addition to the savings on travel offered by the comparison website you'll often find that you also get cash back via Quidco which is essentially making the travel even cheaper again.
  4. I use this to book all of my train tickets no matter where I'm going, I always seem to be able to find bargains and they also have a loyalty scheme where you get points which you can then convert into free train travel.  What's more the free train tickets don't have to be from specific locations, I plan to save up enough to get from Newcastle to Exeter, if I play my cards right all I'll need is 500 points, that's 250 points per journey.  The best thing if you have kids and you are booking your free journey is that you can take along the kids for a fiver each.  
  5. I have used this site longer than all of the others and over the years we have had some absolute bargains, we stayed in a fairy tale castle in Scotland once for an absolute steal and last year we stayed in a suite in a hotel which included dinner for the 4 of us for £79 because we booked on a whim.  It's a really great site if you like a bit of impetuous travel like I do, it's often been lunchtime on a Saturday and we've decided we might as well get in the car and go do something fabulous.
  6. I'll say this one quietly because it's not my favourite form of travel, I really do prefer train travel but I got from Newcastle to Birmingham for £5, if you're thinking of travelling by Megabus though, do me a favour and go and read my 10 top tips for taking the Megabus
  7. Now this one is going to require a full review once I have completed my first stay to Aberdeen but I've been on this website a lot and it seems to me that if you want to travel with your family, perhaps hiring a full house all over Europe this is the site that you want, it's all fully reviewed by users to protect you.  I'm staying with a lovely lady in Aberdeen and have booked her guest bedroom for less than half the price of hotels on all of the comparison websites.
So do get in touch if you have any other recommended sites you love that get you incredible bargains, I booked this morning for Newcastle - Hull - Manchester - Newcastle in just a couple of weeks and got all of the travel for £40 and the hotels for £60, that's 2 hotels not £60 each! 

Happy travelling!

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