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Thursday, July 03, 2014

In conversation with...Susan Smalley, Medium, Teacher, Healer

I recently had the pleasure of photographing today's interviewee for her new website and let me tell you, what a wonderful lady Susan is, medium, teacher, healer, there's just no end to the talents of this very special woman, spending just an hour with her left me feeling happy and re-energised and ready to conquer the world and that was just photographing her on the beach, imagine the things she could do for you, not only is she a medium, she is also a reiki master, a life coach and someone who can heal in times of feeling low.  Susan is based in Durham but has clients all over the world, you can book a Skype call with her and it's just as good as being with her in real life.

and so here are those all important questions - 

1.  What's on your desk right now, tell me 3 things you can see on your desk

On my desk right now, there is a gold chunky candle, a huge wooden heart painted turquoise, and a myriad of coloured pens.

2.  Sum up your business in 3 words

Medium    Teacher      Healer   
3.  What inspires you?

The strength of those I see who have been through turmoil emotionally, physically, mentally, materially, when I see them turn their lives around.  You cannot escape the inspiration that gives you as an Intuitive Life Coach, and Medium/Healer…  the feeling I experience when hearing of their plight - diminishing my own niggles and pains into insignificance.  I am inspired too by the ocean, the colours, designs, shapes and heights, of flowers and trees and shrubs, rock faces, pebbles, gems, crystals, and scents.. natural energies of the mountains, waterfalls, and skies.   The breeze inspires me, reminding me all is not permanent, the changes seasons, that reflects as mirror the life within us as we age.   All expression of love inspires me.  Hope.  God.  and of course, myself – I have learnt that to be friends, and appreciative of your own love, strength and kindness, you push on with replenished inspiration to face each new day with a positive mind.  

4.  What are you working on right now?

I am working on completing my Tarot Manual for students to learn the journey of the Tarot.  I am working on video tutorials explaining the various meanings in the hope of unlocking and developing the intuitive side of students, so they can use this as a daily tool to aid them when feeling down.  Training of Healing Instructions along with Reiki Healing channelling video.  I am working on Meditations to help those who are stuck, to find an escape route to recovery. 

5.  Any exciting things coming up that you want the world to know about?

Yes!   The much awaited launch of my new website, all that is entailed within, which is exciting for me in that it introduces a new way of working with increasing clientele worldwide.

6.  Imagine you met an alien, how would you explain your business to them?

I inspire humans to open up to their own spiritual self, to develop their understanding of parapsychology, expand their awareness and educate them in all things metaphysical and assist them in healing their past so that can enjoy without restriction the beautiful world into which they live.   I do this in person, on a one to one, in a group or workshop, but can work with those in distant places via the amazing technology we here on earth enjoy at present.

8.  Favourite music to work to?

David Garrett - Meditation (Thais)

9.  Where do you see yourself/your business in 5 years time 

I see my business rising in status worldwide with the exposure from internet technology widening my client via the video training, with appearances at workshops and seminars
In venues around the world, in addition to my working in my own healing sanctuary in a rural location in order for education, healing, closer to home, with a continuing passion for all I do and more publications being circulated through press with all related articles, books, and video presence.  A weekly radio two hour show which will educate, and inspire.

10.    So many people are choosing to start their own businesses every day, what's your top tip to encourage them?

Remain true to yourself & act with integrity.    

I'd like to say a big note of thanks to Susan for being an investor in the UK Cityscapes Project

If you would like to get in touch with Susan Smalley, Medium, Teacher, Healer you can find her here - 

Susans Smalleys Website

or you can skype Susan at (Skype name:  susan.smalley.spirit.medium)

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