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Friday, July 25, 2014

Trains, trains and more trains

Beautiful Hull marina, I'll definitely revisit Hull

It's Friday dear reader and I'm writing this on the train on my way home from Manchester, I've achieved cityscapes of Hull, Manchester and Salford and so that's cities 20, 21 and 22 of the UK Cityscapes project wrapped, or shot but not edited and who knows when I'll squeeze in the editing time for tomorrow I have a blessing I'm photographing at Durham Cathedral and then on Sunday I am photographing family portraits at Tynemouth Longsands.

Abigail loved Media City, Salford

In the last week I've been on 5 trains, 5 trams and 5 buses plus 5 taxis, that's a whole lot of transportation!  My calendar is usually full of hotel and train reservations and in some weeks there are so many layers that my eyes water every time I look at my schedule!

Meeting the Teletubbies, they're must smaller in real life!

I love it though, I love being a writer, I love being a photographer and I love being a professional traveller, with each experience I have I remind myself just how lucky I am.  Yesterday I went to Cloud 23 which is on the 23rd floor of the Beetham Tower in Manchester, the views are astounding and the best part was that I got to share the experience with Abigail, she said she had the best hot chocolate she'd ever tasted which is probably a good thing at £5.50, was it worth it? Yes absolutely, every penny!  Just to be so high up surveying the land below and beyond was a quite special thing, it reminded me why I'm doing this project, this crazy thing which takes me away from the man I love so much, I couldn't do any of this without his support, I'm so thankful that I have the most supportive husband. (Thanks Darkling, I love you)

The views from cloud 23 at the Hilton, Manchester

So this weekend as I shoot in the cathedral I've always wanted to photograph someones wedding in I'll look up to the heavens and give a special word of thanks for life is, well it's wonderful, I may have only 1 but I'm sure to make it the most splendid experience that ever there was!

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