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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Summer family photo shoots in the North East of England

In case you missed all of that sunshine through the windows of late, it's Summer, my favourite non coat wearing time of year.  It's certainly a brilliant time to be a Newcastle Photographer!

I love summer in all of it's splendour and it's a glorious time of year to have a family or kids photo shoot in lots of beautiful places all over the North East of England, from sunny Northumbrian beaches to green parks or urban spaces there's really no limit to the amount of spaces and places you could have your family/couples or kids photo shoot and yes of course you should bring your doggy, they're part of the family too and just in case you missed it, I'm quite doggy friendly thanks to our rescue husky Petunia!

So where will you choose for your summer family photo shoot?

Here's just a few ideas...

remember the summer means you can have evening photo shoots, the light is utterly yummy in the evenings and who does exciting stuff during boring working weekdays?  Have a photo shoot and have some summer evening fun!

Looby is with me most photo shoots for assisting purposes, she's a very handy, dandy girl to know, you know!

and if it rains, well you can just bring an umbrella!

Jesmond Dene, Tynemouth, the Quayside, even Seaburn or Roker in Sunderland are all pretty in the sunshine

Dress up, dress down, come on your own or bring the entire family

So hopefully there's plenty of ideas there but you probably want to know about the pricing and that's only right so here you go - 

£40 gets you a 1 hour photo shoot, a 12x8 complimentary print, a web gallery for 30 days and 15% off if you order within the first 7 days your gallery is live, further prints start at just £10 for a 7x5, £13 for a 10x8 and £15 for a 12x8 and I sell a full range of prints, frames, canvases, digital images and photo gifts.

Now there's just 1 thing, over the next few months I am travelling a lot because in case you've just landed on this page and don't know, I'm writing a book about the 69 cities of the UK so all I'd ask is book as far ahead as you can, this week I've taken bookings for September and October!  Don't worry if you're not that organised, I can usually find times to squeeze people in on weekdays, weekends are obviously the busiest times but don't let that stop you from emailing to find out what I can do.


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