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Monday, July 14, 2014

Visiting the Highlands of Scotland, an Inverness sunset

Dear reader, you may have noticed that I've been absent again, all for a very good cause though, more travel for the UK Cityscapes project and oh what a time I've had, on Saturday I popped to Edinburgh for an hour to photograph a wonderful Australian family before hopping back on the train to Perth where I changed trains and travelled to Inverness which I have to say was without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited.

urquhart castle, invernesshire, mandy charlton, uk cityscapes
Uquhart Castle, taken while on a Jacobite cruise on Loch Ness, sadly I didn't find Nessie, I think she may have been hiding.
On Sunday I went on a cruise up Loch Ness to Urquhart Castle and then spent the rest of the day wandering and enjoying all that Inverness had to offer, I have to say that I have been spoilt by good food in Inverness, on Saturday evening at the Joy Of Taste and then yesterday evening I had a meal at The White House, I recommend both of them.

On my return to my lovely B&B, Melrose Villa, I noticed that there was going to be a beautiful sunset so off I dived again and I walked to the bridge to catch it, was it worth it, you betcha it was!

sunset in inverness, mandy charlton, ukcityscapes

I can't wait to share with you the official UK Cityscapes post about Inverness although I still have to share Leeds and Wakefield before that.

Today I boarded my train from Inverness with a heavy heart, I fell in love with Inverness and wanted to spend much more time there, however I would rather spend the time there with my lovely family so a holiday in the planning I think.

I arrived in Aberdeen just before lunch time and have walked miles exploring, theres a definite contrast between Inverness and Aberdeen as you can see

Aberdeen is a city built on the oil industry and it's really rather industrial although there are very many cultural and beautiful places within the city and around the harbour, there's even a pretty little fishing village called Footdee (pronounced fittie) and if you want to see those photos, well you'll just have to come back another day.

I'm going home tomorrow, I have some portrait sessions to shoot and then a wedding on Saturday and then more portrait sessions on Sunday and Monday, on Tuesday I'll be visiting Hull with Abigail accompanying me and then on Wednesday I'll be visiting Manchester, it really is a busy time for the UK Cityscapes project but I have to say that apart from missing my hubby, my kids and my doggy I really am having a massive adventure and I hope you're enjoying travelling along with me, if you do want to follow my journey as it happens, I Instagram often


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