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Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer holidays are here at last

Every July I get excited at the prospect of the girls breaking up from school for their summer holidays, when I first started my business I would take the whole 6 weeks off and then as my business grew I would just stop all admin and still do photo shoots and weddings but basically spend as much time as I could with my family and to this day I have kept it up, yes I am busier now than ever and combined with the travel for my book I'm not really at home very often but it means the girls get to travel with me (they take it in turns) and I still keep up with photo shoots and weddings but admin waits until they return to school in September.  I've been thinking this morning about parents with their own businesses and how it can be hard to take time off but I think for me family time has always come first and my clients know by now that my summer holidays belong to my family really.  I take very little time off at other times of the year so I think it's one small gift I've given myself since I started my business back in June 2007.

I am really busy with photo shoots at the moment and that's great, lots of families get together during the summer holidays and so if your friends and family are doing just that feel free to book me for a family portrait session.

I'm also travelling while writing my book and I am managing to catch up with families who want photo shoots with me all over the country, I have one booked in Manchester on Wednesday actually so wherever you are in the country, if you are near to a city then why not email me to see when I'll be in your city and arrange a portrait session for your nearest and dearest.

And here's just a few previews of some of the gorgeous families I've photographed lately.

I met this little one yesterday when I was doing some family portrait photography in Jesmond Dene, so cute and a love of Thomas the Tank!

I met these three little people last weekend when I did a quick family portrait session in Edinburgh, it's lovely having clients all over the country.

This one was so cute, love his pose, what a poppet, a great family portrait photo shoot on the beach at Tynemouth Longsands

The beach is also a great place to have a Maternity photo shoot

If you would like to book a kids, family, couples, maternity or anything else you can think of type of photo shoot then all you need to do is email me or contact me through my website or you can also find me on Facebook.


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