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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Dan and Claire, A Garden Station Wedding, Langley near Hexham, Northumberland

Being an occasional wedding photographer in Northumberland with a quirky style means that I get to shoot weddings at some fabulous places you may not even know exist, The Garden Station nearly Langley, Hexham, Northumberland is an ex railway station, now potting shed, coffee house, garden centre and ultimate party and wedding venue if you like things, vintage, quirky and different.

I was delighted to photograph Dan and Claires wedding because not only are they just completely lovely I'd shot their friends Ruth and Davids blessing at Jesmond Dene House a couple of years ago and also Gail and Stu's wedding at beautiful Kirkley Hall last year.

So the wedding was planned for midsummers day, Dan and Claire would sneak off in the morning and do the legal bits at the local registry office and then for the wedding they would say their own vows surrounded by friends, no officiant and they would swap rings and declare their love and wish to be together forever in front of those they love.  Now I can tell you that as a die hard romantic I found the ceremony to be one of the most beautiful I have ever shot and I had tears rolling down my cheeks because of the beautiful emotion.  No matter how many weddings I've shot over the years I still get emotional when people declare their love for each other, it's just a beautiful wonderful thing.

Because the light was perfect and the weather was dry the entire day was outdoors and I think it's probably the most relaxed wedding and reception I have ever shot, just a couple of crucial group shots, 2 sessions of portraits with the bride and groom and then I got to wander around catching the goings on with my camera, the perfect wedding!

Shall we see some photos from this magnificent midsummers day wedding?

These following shots and this one above were all taken with the Fuji X-P1, a sync lead, a Canon EX600RT and a pair of triggers, I went the indie route to create off camera flash and it really works so beautifully, I love mixing the off camera flash technique with the magical power of the Fuji

Dr's Charlton and Charlton in a fierce battle of the connect 4!

2 thumbs up for Claire wearing this delectable Irregular Choice shoes, you know I'm a massive fan of Irregular Choice, you probably shouldn't click on that link though, I hear they're having a sale!

Erm, apparently this is Vogueing, I love this shot however I would like to publicly state I was not responsible for the suggestion of it ;)

at the end of the day as the sun was finally going down, out came the campfires and the marshmallows, perfect end to the perfect wedding day really.

Claire and Daniel, may you cherish every day together and have many adventures together for the best is yet to come.

I shoot a very limited number of weddings for lovely people and often book far in advance, if you would like to talk to me about shooting your wedding please do get in touch via email


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