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Monday, August 04, 2014

Hull, City 19/69 in the UK Cityscapes Project

Hull, a city much written about and I have to admit that it was somewhere I'd always wanted to visit, I'd been there briefly for a trip to The Deep a couple of years ago and thought then that the Marina area looked gorgeous so I was quite looking forward to my trip.  I'd read a lot about Hull, people stating it was their least favourite cities, a book which found it to be one of Englands awful towns and when I first arrived to be greeted by a city centre concrete jungle I did wonder if they were right, I was accompanied by Abigail and we were booked into the budget lodge hotel company Campanile, after my experience in Wakefield I was dreading it and yes it's not a nice place and no one should really stay there (think dark, gloomy, Hi de Hi and wee stains on the bathroom wall) but I will say that the staff are absolutely delightful and couldn't do enough to help us.  

One of the best things about Hull was the chance to be shown around by lovely online friend Lucy and her fabulous son, it's lovely when someone can show you the wonderful things about the place they live, especially when they're as lovely as Lucy!  I also have to say that we wouldn't have found Englands smallest window without her help, yes it really is that small!  So shall we see some photos from beautiful historic Hull?


Those are real Koi Carp, tons of them swimming around the waters around one of the shopping centres, it's not everywhere that you find giant Koi swimming in the wild

Lovely Lucy and her fabulous Son with Abigail and no, I have no idea what she was doing, who knows what teenagers are doing most of the time, in Abigails case I'd settle for anything other than angst and anger which she excels at ;)  Those of you with hormonal tweens and teens will understand me when I say that sometimes I would quite happily hide in a cupboard for the next ten years.

One thing I noted about Hull was that a lot of the smaller museums are open at quite strange times so they weren't open on the day Abigail and I visited which is a shame, we would have loved to climb on board Spurn, a lightship to find out the history, one thing is for sure, I would not have like to have been the captain of a light ship!

Holy Trinity church in Hull is Englands largest parish church and they really couldn't be more child friendly, it's an interesting place full of gorgeous architechture, bigger than some cathedrals and they usually have plenty of activities, if you have kids do go and give them a visit, they won't mind the smaller people running up and down the aisles or climbing in the lectern.

Englands smallest window, yes they really do have that claim to fame

The Deep in Hull is definitely an impressive piece of architectural design, it's also one of the finest aquariums in the world and is also the only Submarium in the world

I do hope after seeing all of these images you'll go and visit for a day or weekend, it's certainly a great place to visit if you are a family, there are so many things you can  see and do and I found the people of Hull to be so welcoming and lovely, some of the friendliest people I've ever met and I also want to say a big thanks to Lucy and her son for showing us around and spending a wonderful afternoon with us, when you come to Newcastle I promise to return the favour.


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