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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sheffield, City 22 in the UK Cityscapes project

Last week I spent a couple of days in Sheffield with my lovely daughter and travelling companion Looby.  We think we'd quite like to rename Sheffield to "Fountain City"  Seriously I haven't been to any city with more fountains than Sheffield, they're everywhere, I think possibly every time they have a spare bit of space they decide to put a fountain in!  They of course do it very well and everyone loves a water feature, I think we should have a great fountain in Newcastle, I'd start a campaign if I didn't already have twelfy billion things on the go with weddings, portraits and of course writing "Postcards from the City" about the UK Cityscape project.  I feel like I've already done 69 cities I've travelled so much and at the same time since starting in earnest in April I can't believe I've been to 22 cities since then.  I think the probability is that it's going to take longer than a year and that's fine, it's just not possible to do it as quickly as I'd like to though Looby and I are going away for our holidays next week and we're hoping to go to a couple of cities but that's just going to be coincidence as I really actually need a proper break.

Anyway, back to the charming city of Sheffield which sits in one of my favourite parts of the world near to the beautiful peak district, in fact I'd love to live there and if you would love to live there don't forget to contact James who is a relocation agent in Sheffield and the surrounding areas, what he doesn't know about finding a great home isn't worth knowing.  I'm guessing he taught Kirsty and Phil of location, location, location a thing or two ;)

I'd visited Sheffield in the past when I was about 12 years old, I have relatives who live in the area of Grindleford and in fact if you ever catch Granada weather you may just see my second cousin Kerry Gosney who presents the weather in the North West of England.

I do remember there being a shopping centre which was a hole in the road and I did enquire at my hotel if it was still there as the Hampton by Hilton had a big photograph of it, sadly it was filled in a few years back!  If you are ever in Sheffield do stay in the Hampton if you can, it's a fabulous newly developed hotel in the city centre and you can be sure of a great nights sleep as well as fabulous service, it was actually lovely to stay somewhere nice for a change and I give it two thumbs up!

and so on we go with a lovely set of photos which I am really proud of an don't forget you can purchase any of them (apart from the personal ones with my daughter in obviously) from the side bar of this very blog.  Just check out at the side where the Paypal link is and then put the number (1 is the very first one at the top), feel free to send me an email also if you want to purchase any of the images.

and so we ended where we started, back at the fountains outside of the railway station, we really did love Sheffield, it's a truly lovely and beautiful compact little city and it has beautiful botanic gardens, some of the most beautiful I've visited on my travels.


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