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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Caravans, Bell Tents and a bedroom in someones house, holidays Airbnb style

Being a travel writer and blogger of course you're never really on holiday but this week is quite an adventure for Looby and I.  We are currently in Hereford spending some time staying in Ugly Betty an 80's caravan which has been given a delicious makeover, click on the link to see her transformation.  I booked this last week on Airbnb (if you use that link to sign up and book a holiday you'll get £15 credit) and I recommend you come and stay here as soon as you can because the whole house and the caravans are delightful as are the wonderful children (one of whom is now Loobys new best friend and they've spent a lot of time jumping up and down on the giant trampoline) and the gorgeous animals, Pollys house is an artists house and as such if you are looking for clinical, minimalist and unmarked then it's probably not the experience for you but if you love people and animals and a beautifully quirky experience as well as some gorgeously delicious food then do come and stay, it's one of the most unique experiences I've had while travelling!  On Friday we'll check out and then we're off to Weston-Super-Mare to stay in someones spare bedroom, and we've already been informed they have a dog and five cats, I can't wait!

Although I am photographing any cities we go to for my book Postcards from the City, the UK Cityscapes project, I'm also looking forward to experiencing new places, visiting the zoo in Bristol or the aquarium and maybe going to Weston Super Mare for fish and chips on the prom.

Today we went to Abergavenny in Welsh Wales, a place I can remember visiting on a family holiday when I was a teenager (so, so long ago) and it's just as beautiful today as well as being a thriving market town with a market that spills out onto the streets, I think that's something quite unique in these times and actually the whole town was so busy today, busier than some of the cities we've visited.

If you want to keep up with our adventures I shall of course be active on Instagram at least and I'll tell you something, I am really missing my doggy, hubby, Abigail and Iain, luckily Paul, Abigail and Petunia are off to a husky retreat next weekend and Iain, well he's staying home to look after Pyracantha, Poppy and Cupcake the cats.

Caught this quick shot of Looby last night as we wandered around Hereford, oh my how she's growing up.

Yes I do live in a menagerie!

Happy Holidays everyone.

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