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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Weston-Super-Mare, a wonderful seaside weekend in South West England

Weston-Super-Mare is a seaside town in Somerset, South West England, except it's not really a seaside town because it's located on the banks of the Bristol Channel which means one thing, MUD!  Home to a tide that goes so far out you can't see it but don't be tempted to go and find it as it comes in much faster than you and you can't beat it!  You can plodge through some of the mud though and as Looby and I can attest, you end up with lovely soft feet!

After months of UK cityscapes, 24 in fact since the middle of April, it was finally time to have a proper holiday weekend and so that's what we did, 3 days of amusements, beach walks, a trip to Puxton Park, a trip to the Seaquarium and of course a ride on the Weston Wheel, it was the most relaxing 3 days I've had this year, we even managed to get to the cinema for the screening of Dr Who "Deep Breath" (We both loved it and think that Peter Capaldi is going to be an excellent Doctor, in fact he very much reminded me of Tom Baker, I think I'm going to enjoy this season). We stayed in nearby Worle which is one stop from Weston-Super-Mare, had I known we would have to take the train there each day I probably would have booked somewhere nearer but all in all our Airbnb experience was a good one although not quite as good as our stay in Betty, the retro 80's caravan in Hereford where we stayed earlier in the week.

If I could sum up Weston-Super-Mare I would say it's the perfect victorian seaside resort, a little brash, just the right amount of gaudy and above all in parts astonishingly beautiful, if you have never taken the time to visit this part of the country then get a weekend booked and enjoy all of the things which Weston-Super-Mare has to offer.

Looby chanced her luck on the smallest roller coaster in Great Britain, a giant robotic arm which swings you out into the roof of the Grand Pier, I wasn't so brave as her!

Even though it was freezing Looby still wanted to go in the water, you'd think she was sitting in the med!

What a lovely weekend we had and what a great end to our weeklong adventure, now i'm back home and this week I am fully booked for portrait sessions, if you would like to book a family portrait session during September please get in touch via my website or email

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