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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Durham Cathedral Wedding Photographer

Of course it was a huge thrill when lovely Alex and Marie got in touch about being their Durham Cathedral wedding photographer, when I started out in my business I said one day I wanted to shoot at wedding in there, just over 7 years later and the day had arrived.  Alex and Marie were having their second wedding, the UK leg of their love story together and choosing the backdrop of Durham Cathedral alongside the laid back feel of Hatfield College their day was really about contrasts.  A very relaxed low key blessing in the Galilee chapel of possibly one of the most important religious buildings we have the UK, the resting place of the venerable bede, the former parish of the now Archbishop of Canterbury, a place where feeling close to God is coupled with the magnificent splendour of the surroundings.  As you can probably tell I was honoured and I was delighted to be able to represent their day in images.  Alex and Marie are both PHD students in medieval literature so for them to be surrounded by so much of the history important to them was also of great importance, one of the highlights for me was being able to stage the family portraits within the Galilee chapel and being able to do some gorgeous off camera portraits in the cloisters.  Usually no photography is allowed at Durham Cathedral because of the religious importance and so I feel incredibly honoured that for just one day I could photograph Alex and Marie in surroundings which really are befitting of the description Awe inspiring.

Because Alex and Marie were having a blessing it meant that we shot portraits before the ceremony as well as after as we made our way to Hatfield College.  For this important day I chose my good friend and wonderful documentary wedding photographer Jamie Emerson you may have heard me mention him before, he's so very talented and one of my very best friends and I always enjoy when we can shoot weddings together.

Shall we see some of the images from Alex and Maries very special blessing at Durham Cathedral?

Oh the irony of the no photography signs, if you're wondering, yes that's why they were left in there!

Alex and Marie, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful blessing with me, may I wish you the best of times together and may every day be filled with just a little bit more love than the one before it.

I only shoot a maximum of 10 carefully chosen weddings each year and I really have some amazing dates and places coming up over the next few years, because I only shoot a very small amount of dates they tend to book far far far in advance, today I'm excited to have taken on a wonderful wedding for July 2016 so if you want to talk to me about shooting your 2015/2016 wedding anywhere in the UK please do get in touch, I am based in the North East but travel all over the UK for weddings, portrait commissions and travel photography.

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