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Friday, December 14, 2007

Just a Couple of Photographs....

Ok, I know that I posted the slideshow but seeing as it was eensy weensy teeny weeny I just wanted to share a couple of the photos from Finlays Festive Photoshoot, after all with all that gorgeousness how could I resist!

This one is my absolute favourite!

If anyone doesn't remember who Finlay is, he's the son of the most wonderful couple David and Elizabeth who's wedding I shot earlier this year

Delighted because it's the first time I've ever been able to do a bonafide photoshoot at my house, yay the decorating must be working! LOL

Just a couple more random things I wanted to add today -
As you all can see festive toddler fun photos are awesome and I do have a little availability in my schedule so why not give me a call, contact me details are available at Mandy Charlton Designs.

Got a wedding enquiry today for December 28th ( crossing my fingers as it sounds like such fun) it got me thinking, if you receive a surprise proposal and you want to get married at lightening speed then do give me a call, I'm no stranger to last minute wonderful occasions and I might just be able to squeeze you in.

Came home from Tesco last night to find that Poppy had moved her kittens, when we found them we also discovered that Elphaba had her kittens as well, Yay for a house which currently has 2 cats and 7 kittens, we may have 1 or 2 which need lovely new homes to go to in Mid January/Mid February so if you think you might want one why not drop me an email. Elphaba only had 2 kittens and we're definetly keeping 1 ( Paul has called him Studley). I must try and get some photos, Poppys kittens are enormous compared to Elphabas, suprising when you consider there's only 3 weeks between them!!

Sunday is my Christmas wedding with the gorgeous Stuart and Kate, I shot their E- session earlier in the year and I have been so excited about their wedding given that I love weddings and I love Christmas, they are of course having their reception at Matfen hall which is beautiful and also adds to the excitement.

Lastly, I've not had chance to blog about the Childrens Christmas performances, they all did fantastically well, I'll try and sort those photos out and share them on my blog soon but in the meantime take a look at the little video I shot at last years performance.

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