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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Daily Kitten...

Since things at Mandy Charlton Designs are winding down for Christmas (actually since I have a photoshoot on Saturday and some last minute prints to deliver thats not even true LOL) I thought that I would try and post a daily kitten so please welcome todays starring kitten of the day Angel :-

Angel requested a Venture Photography style shoot but couldn't afford it so she had to cope with me and a bathroom towel on an armchair!!

After showing Angel the proofs from her session she's informed me she's very happy and will be ordering 2 5ftx4ft canvases! LOL Actually since she's really only around 20cm's long I think a 5ft canvas might be a little scary! Ya know I would love to get all 7 kittens photographed together but me thinks I can barely keep one still long enough to photograph!

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mandijane said...

awwwww just how cute is that...

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