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Friday, December 07, 2007

Growing his hair

My husband, the last great eccentric, well apart from me anyway, is growing his hair again, I think this was the last time he had long hair, now I know you're busy thinking that his hair isn't long but it's at the messy inbetweeny stage at the moment, usually it's ok because he mostly wears hats! Thats his thing you see, I have a unique style of dress and Paul has a penchant for hats! Some would say that we're a very odd couple whilst others think we're peas in a pod and I guess we are, I certainly couldn't think of waking up next to anyone else every morning and I'm still thoroughly delighted to see his smiling face on the pillow as we drift off to sleep the next day. Today I want to take a moment and say thanks to Paul, my darling husband for being just who he is, some days he's a big old cranky pants and some days he's a 5 year old child, most days he's a combination of the two, think Jeremy Clarkson throwing a tantrum and you're almost there! I have to say though that he's pretty amazing, his style, his sense of humour and most of all the unending love and support he gives to our marraige make me one very happy and greatful lady.

It's actually 8 years this December since he proposed and it took me until February to actually accept and then we were married by the 14th of April the following year :D

Happy Weekend Everyone, today tell someone how much you love them and watch them give you the biggest smile in the world.


Anonymous said...

Who knows i may even entertain an handlebar moustache..

Eleanor said...

How strange - G proposed in the Dec (1982 mind,lol) I accepted in the Feb 1983, (but married in the August 83). 2 out of 3 the same.
Moustache sounds good, not handlebars though, Looby might swing on them. Ouch.

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