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Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve 2007

and I'm sitting with Mr C watching the music channels on tv and drinking some red wine! Yes it's not the most exciting new years ever but hey I'm in the first year of business, I'm an artist and my husband is a gardener, hmmm you know that roughly translates to.. We couldn't afford to go out and party if we wanted to, LOL!

Never mind, I'm quite happy to be in the house and not in some horrendously crowded noisy bar.

So this year has been my most successful ever both on a personal and a professional level, this year has been the year I started to believe in my talent and not be ashamed to tell people that I'm a photographer, yes I'm no longer afraid of being told that I have a made up job or how on earth could I possibly be talented enough to do that. Nuff said eh?!

So next years wedding season doesn't seem so far away, probably because my first wedding of the year is on Friday morning in St Andrews, Scotland, really looking forward to that wedding and the fact that I get a little mini break with assistant (and hubby) Mr C! Saturday will see my first portrait shoot of the year and then it's pretty much all work, work, work after that!

This year I really want to make enough money to support us all as the main breadwhiner and I also want to keep learning and progressing and more importantly I want to get to the end of next year feeling accomplished and happy and still loving my job. I really am well and truly passionate about wedding photography and portrait photography and lifestyle photography.... LOL, you get the picture, Photography really is well and truly my life!

So I want to take the chance to say thanks to all my fabulous clients and friends for sharing their lives, events and special memories with me this year and I can't wait to do double all that in 2008.

Happy, Happy, Happy New Year to you all :D

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