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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Getting in the mood.....

For all things Christmas that is!

Today has involved much cookery in the Charlton household, My favourite creation being my White Christmas Cupcakes, they went down a treat.

Also I've helped Abigail wrap her presents up for everyone, I just have the entire families presents to wrap up tommorrow night now. I think it will have to be with some mulled wine as theres quite a few.

We wrote emails to Santa this morning, if you're bored and want to fill in 5 minutes of the childrens time you can visit Email Santa

Tommorrow we'll be tracking Santa with Norad and watching his progress as he flies around the earth, I beleive that if you have google earth theres' going to be a special plug in so I'm looking forward to that.

Actually today I downloaded Google Earth for the very first time and I have to admit being astounded especially as you can now view the planets etc

The children of course are suitably hyperactive, I know it's only normal but please let me not have to tell them to stop manhandling the kittens or to calm down one more time.

2 more sleeps till Santa everyone!! :D

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