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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kitten Update...

So it's been ages since I updated on the kittens progress and now probably wasn't the best time to get my camera out as it's so dark in our livingroom I had to get my industrial spotlight out, that with a high ISO and dark coloured fast moving kittens on a dark wood floor and all photogs reading this are now covering their eyes!! LOL Sounds like the average wedding lighting in some English churches actually!!

Anyway, these are the best I could get so without further ado ;-

Ella, she's the number 1 kitten, Poppys eldest.

Angel, Abigail's kitten, she's a cutie as you can see here.

Abigail with Pumpkin, my personal favourite as he's the tinker and the alpha male of the kittens.

Abigail again cuddling Yogi (I think, could be casserole) she really loves those kittens.

This one is one of Elphabas 2 kittens who were born last Thursday, he's gorgeous and hubby named him Studley.

No piccies of the others as they were either sleeping, hiding or just running too darned fast!!


Bagpuss said...

I WANT STUDLEY!!!! They are all gorgeous though and as a non photographer (well a point and shoot one anyway!) those pics look more than OK to me!

mandijane said...

Ella is simply fave.....

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