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Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Seaside in December...

isn't the warmest place in the world but we needed to get out and about for an hour, I've been feeling just a tad too couped up this week. I'm not used to long periods of rest anymore and quite frankly I'm now praying the phone will ring with work, there's only so many bad movies you can watch.

So this was St Mary's Island earlier today, Looks a bit chilly doesn't it! ( I uploaded these to flickr full size so do click and see the bigger versions and indeed the whole set from our hour out today)

St Marys-20

St Marys-16

I decided to try and get some new photos of the children for the wall and for once even though they were freezing they did actually cooperate!

This chocolate one of Looby was one of my favourites, I know she's got a cheesy grin but it was sooo unbelievably cold!

Looby and Abigail happily together.

Iain scowling, we're having issues over bedroom tidiness at the moment!

This was at the point when Paul ran away and we found him in the car listening to CD's and keeping warm, he's such a big girls blouse!!

Suffice to say we crammed a lot into a short space and thank goodness for a nice warm afternoon in the house!!

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mandijane said...

love the piccies of the little folk......specially the growly photo...LOL..good to know other folk have growly children some days

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