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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Just got to keep on pushing

I love this photo from yesterday of Abigail, she just looks so pretty and sweet and you know for the most part she is, we've jst been to see her reception class teacher tonight and she's thrilled with how our little girl is settling in and loves how she is bright as a button and a hppay little soul, I'm really proud of her.

So yes I'm pushing, pushing and pushing a little more with regards to my business, it's so disheartning at the moment, the website is now all finished and I secured my professional email address today (more money) so if you want to hire me you can visit the site or email, now thats a huge email addy for you!

The thing is though i still feel like i'm playing at big girl shops and i probably will until someone actually pays me for my services, my friends build me up and give me loads of confidence but there's still that niggling doubt at the back of my mind atleast 30 times a day which says your not good enough, My therapist calls this niggling doubt my mother!!

I have now chosen some very nice leaflets and business cards which are going to take a while but in the meantime I have some cheapie emergency business cards en route which I'm kind of hoping my hubby will help me spread accross the north east. Talking of Hubby, he's doubtful about playing on his calf strain at the weekend, so I'm asking you all to send a little healing energy over to Mr 30minutemeandering so that he gets to play in the county cup n Sunday morning, if he doesn't I fear my life will not be worth living for yet another week!!
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