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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Happy Birthday to you!

Yes Happy Birthday to my dear son Iain, 10 years old and making me feel like a dinosaur.

It's also Abigails first day at school today, another reason for me to feel old.

So with that in mind a list of 10 reasons that I am still young.

1. It's going to be up to 33 years before I can retire.

2. I still enjoy occasional drunkeness, old people just get tiddly!

3. I still have full control of my bowels

4. My hot flushes are due to a hysterctomy not the menaupause

5. I haven't grown up and had a career yet

6. I can still sing, old people just warble

7. I like Mcfly ( thats a teen pop group, just in case you're old and don't know)

8. I don't have grey hair. (I never will, i shall dye it until I am 90)

9. I hate the supermarket (old people love it and regularly go for day trips, ask my granny!!)

10. I'm still called Mandy (when I am old I shall become Myfanwy or betty, Hubby will become Bert or stan, although Paul has a middle name which will suit him fine when he's old!!)


Anonymous said...


from Olwen

Fiona said...

Happy birthday Iain!

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