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Sunday, September 03, 2006

sharing my day in photos

I thought it might be nice to share these from today, firstly the Prima melody box which I finished altering, it's such a sweet little box with a melody thingy inside, just like those old fashioned ones from when I was little, funny how my daughters are just as enchanted watching the needle go round.

As you may notice only 1 daughter in todays photos, poor Abigail is ill in bed with a huge headache, we'll be off to the doctors I think as this is the second day this week she has been struck down by them.

So I give you Looby in all her glory and Elphaba who I have to say is the most patient kitten since the beginning of time!!

No animals were hurt in the making of this photoblog!!

1 comment

Anonymous said...

Great photo's Mandi, hope Abigail is better soon, poor thing.

Loads of love, KC x

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