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Saturday, September 23, 2006

I went to a football match!!!

Yes I know what you're all thinking, but Mandy hates football, Mandy just doesn't get it at all, well thats true but I find in the last 7 years since I met my man, he's actually made me do a lot of things I never did before and you know what I'm delighted about that, life truly is s voyage of discovery, the match itself was Dire and i mean bland, boring and utterly banal but I enjoy the Craic and spending time with hubby doing something he wanted to do for a change and I got to try out some sports photography, i have to say that I'm not cut out to be a sports photographer as my boredom threshold just doesn't stretch that far but on the whole it could have been much much worse!! on the way home we had a quick stop at The Angel of the North where I took a couple of photos for my stock photography, there weren't any I really loved but I was sort of pleased with this one!!

Oh and the footy photo, well i didn't take many and who knows if it's a good shot but paul is giving it to the player (Willie Moat) in the stripes as he's off to play sunday footy with a new team tommorrow. lets hope Willie likes it, tells everyone and gets me a lot of business!!


Celfyddydau said...

Great angel pic. That should sell! The footy pic not so great. Could be tighter :)

Fiona said...

I think that's a fab Angel pic :D

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