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Friday, September 01, 2006


Todays UKS blog prompt was about colours and the effects they have on us etc.

Well don't tell anyone I told you this but I see people in colours, it's kind of like an aura thing, I always have done and when I meet people I can instantly tell whether we'll get along and what type of person they really are by the colour that I see above them. It's quite spooky and of course it's been proven to be right lots of times. My hubby is green, sort of a bluey green and if you know his personality you would know thats so true.

Me, well I'm Orange, always have been always will be, it's actually one of my favourite colours, you see orange is bright, mostly happy but not as in your face as red, it's keen, it's passionate but sometimes due to it not being red it needs a kick as it can be lazy!!

Thanks to Jane for todays blog prompt, you made me admit something only a teensy few people know about me!!


Jen said...

Love what you've written - my DF is the same as you so I have an idea of what it must be like :)

Anonymous said...

What a cool thing to be able to do!!

JaneH said...

I've heard of some people having this gift... it could be really useful. But thanks for sharing it! (Wish we could meet, I'd love to know my colour/aura...have been told years ago that it was lavender and violet).

janjan0000 said...

Nice site bach'atcha! LOL ...
I'm in awe of your scrapping abilities. I'd love to learn how to do this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Love the cat page.

You never told me you could see colours. What colour am I?


Mandy Charlton, Photographer, Writer, Blogger said...

Thats why I don't tell people, because then i become an exhibition! LOL

Olwen you are most definitely purple, more serious than a pink person but the pink is in there somewhere!!

Fiona said...

Very cool Mandy! Hearing Yarrow talk, I sometimes wonder if lots of kids can do this, but get 'talked out of it' as they get older. A kind of synaestheia I suppose?

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