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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Happy Little Update!

I'm so late blogging tonight but oh what a day I've had, lets not dwell on the fact that I still have no hot water and the new tank turns out to be the wrong type of water-tank so they have to come and pull the new one out again tommorrow! JOY!! no lets instead concentrate on the fact that I went to the enterprise centre today and it looks like Mandy Charlton Designs is actually a viable business. I think in the end though that it's more about the photography than the scrapbooking and in the end I suppose I'm overjoyed to become a professional photographer. I'll still be incorporating the scrapping part in there as well and also of maintaining my design team manager post for Happy Scrapper which i am super chuffed to be able to do at the same time, it does however seem like i might have to work a million hours a week for the next 50 years but hey ho!!

So if you're in the north and you're looking for a photographer to come and take shots of you, your kiddies, your animals, whatever don't hesitate to contact me! I'm busy working on my portfolio and persuading every friend I have to come and have a free sitting, hopefully they won't need too much persuasion, I mean after all, I could make them look as cute as Looby!!

Back tommorrow, hopefully not in so much of a spin!


Andrew McAllister said...

Blech! Hot water is one of the absolute necessities of a civilized day. Along with lots of chocolate! :o)

To Love, Honor and Dismay

Anonymous said...

Yeah for the business. Well done you. you will have to remember to not give away too many freebies to friends though :D

Olwen xx

Fiona said...

Lurrrrve the cute kid/kitten combo. Wish our cat would sit for a photo, but it's be more of a scratch session LOL Think 'Puss in Boots' from Shrek...

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