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Monday, September 18, 2006

No Photos.....

Today! I did take a couple but they weren't really worth sharing, Iain and looby also tried taking some while I was playing with the tripod, Looby loves taking photos, I have a feeling that she may well grow up to be creative, Iain also seems to have a love of photography and certainly has an eye for it. Abigail is also creative but in different ways, that little girl does more crafting than me and has her own set of craft draws, there's rarely a day goes by without her coming down to show me her latest paper and Double sided sticky tape creation!

I'm really tired just now, My bi-polar is hanging in the balance and ready to blow at any moment, i've been so lively and carefree for a while now and I can feel the dip starting. The thing is that i just feel so frustrated, i need a new printer so i can start my business, my other one has given up the ghost again and it's just not good enough to be used in business, I'm desperately trying to scrabble together the cash to get one but it's just been Iains birthday and it's Loobys birthday on Monday, you know the thing is that when I start my business I can get grants (supposedly) but not till that moment, I can't do that because i need some people willing to pay for my services and for that I kind of need a printer and a business thats capable of functioning in the fullest sense of the word! arrhghh vicious circle, screaming into cupboards, you get the picture!!

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